viernes, 27 de abril de 2012

Welcome to Mérida

This weekend I see you in Mérida in the Presentation Party of Rantifuso 10. We have a great free master class of narrative in comic and painting with Photoshop. More info here.

Este finde os veo en Mérida en la Fiesta de Presentación del Rantifuso 10. Tenemos una fantastica Master class de narrativa en comic y pintar con Photoshop. Más info aquí.


I started this quickly paint from a big black stain . I don´t know what reason I saw something like  the character Bubbles from The Wire.

martes, 17 de abril de 2012

Portfolio 2011

My last portfolio with works from 2011

Ghost Rider

Hi, this is my new blog. More serious, more updated, more cool, more miscelaneous. Hope you like it.

This is a quickly concept that how I imagine the Ghost Rider transformation. I didn´t see the second film and I wanna but my principles don´t let me. I can´t still believe what Marvel has done to the father of this character....